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Ever wonder why the rubber chicken REALLY crossed the road? Find out that and more in our Frequently Asked Kvetchins section.

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Finally we have found a home away from home. Check out our MYSPACE page for free song downloads and more!!

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Sure to be one of the strangest documentary sequences ever, check out what happened when the Discovery Channel came to planet YIDcore!!

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Virgin Blue lost our equipment. Bram had food poisoning. Tim wielded tehini as a deadly weapon. Punk RAWWWK returned to Australian TV, YIDcore style. If yo missed it on Channel V, catch all the insanity here.

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Pics, Vids and stories from those 10 crazy days in Israel with Useless ID and Man Alive. Don't ask how we managed to come back home in one piece... we very almost didn't!

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We invaded Yeshivah College. Unannounced. Just turned up and played. Yep. It was chaos. See for yourself.

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Ya vonna be shpeeking loik ya jus shtepped oudda da shtetl? Or at least better than that lame attempt? It's YIDcore's famous Yiddish glossary!

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